The Ultimate Bundle




If you are ready to start your own Virtual Assistant Business, then be sure to take advantage of BOTH bundles!

For only $49.97, you can purchase the Virtual Assistant Starter Bundle AND the Entrepreneur Starter Bundle!!  This bundle includes everything from both bundles at great cost savings!

  • Business Plan – This template will help you document the goals of your business, the steps necessary to reach those goals, and a timeline to follow as you approach your goal.
  • Strategic Plan – Different from the Business Plan, this template will help you document the short and long-term goals of your business, along with the steps necessary to accomplish these goals.  At the end of the month, you can reflect and document what went well and what fell short – helping you identify approaches to future goals. 
  • Project Planner – While the Business Plan and Strategic Plan both focus on your overall business, the Project Planner allows you to track at the specific project level.  For example, if you are launching a course, you will need to identify and track the progress of all steps necessary to launch your course successfully.  This planner will also include templates to track your project budget, checklists to ensure nothing is missed, and document any specific information regarding your project.  All are kept in one place for easy reference.
  • VA Packet – This packet will contain documents and templates that will help you identify what to look for in hiring a VA, a checklist on bringing a VA on board, and helpful resources on how best to utilize a VA.
  • Financial Journal – This journal includes templates that help you keep track of your income and expenses throughout the year.  It will also provide you with a list of common expenses that you definitely will want to track throughout the year!
  • Onboarding Packet – This packet includes templates that will help you consistently gather crucial information when onboarding a client.  The last thing you want to do is have to go back to the client to ask them for something you forgot!  Using these templates, you will be able to consistently onboard a new client and start out your partnership with all the initial information in one place!
  • Calendar/Planner – This calendar will help you easily track your goals and important dates

So be sure to take advantage of either the Virtual Assistant Starter Bundle, the Entrepreneur Starter Bundle, or, better deal yet – get BOTH!!

Let’s get your business off to a great start!!!



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