Join me as your dedicated accountability coach where my primary goal is to help you find clarity on what needs to get done and the accountability to make sure you do it. As your coach,  I will help you eliminate overwhelm, knock out self-sabotaging behavior, create habits to help you focus, and get more done in a few days than most people do in a month.
Double your productivity in 30 days and spend more time focusing on the people and things you love. 

Focus On What Aligns with You, Your Vision & Your Brand

And All You Need To Do Is Intentionally Show Up.

Have you listened to all your friends, brought a fancy planner, and tried all the tools, but still find yourself procrastinating and dragging your feet on your most important goals?

Tired of installing a new app or setting up new software to only fall back into your old habits a few weeks later?

Most “productivity solution” creates short-term excitement that quickly disappears after a week or two.

Working with me only gets better over time!

I only require you to be intentional with every action. No course to take, no complicated apps, no books to read, or workbooks to fill out.

Simply show up — and I will lay it out for you!


He that is good for making excuses is seldom good for anything else.

~Benjamin Franklin

At the core of our service is one simple idea:

We help you show up every day with intention, increase productivty and create a work-life intergration that aligns with your goals.

Here’s How It Works


We Identify SMART Goals and Put Together Weekly Action Plans

When you sign up for Coaching with Elly Virtually, you’ll immediately be assigned a dedicated Accountability Coach.

Then once a week, at a time you commit to,
you’ll get on the phone with your coach to, explore your goals, and come up with a weekly plan.

We Help You Put Together a Strategic Action Plan for the Week

We effectively clarify your goals, pinpoint your highest impact activities, and create a focused action plan for the week ahead.

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You finish the call with your game plan for the week scheduled and mapped out in our project management app. I will also emails you a personalized summary for reference.


We Keep You Accountable & Moving Towards Your Goals

Armed with your plan, you go into your week
with intentionality, clarity and focus. You no longer
feel overwhelmed.

You start each day with deliberate intention because you are clear on what you need to do for the day.

Throughout the week we will checks in with you via email, text and app to make sure you are on track.

You are getting things done and you feel great because you know you are intentional with every action, and being productive. 

You no longer waste time and move in circles. Instead you are finally making measurable, weekly progress towards your goals with confidence and momentum.

Taking actions requires less grind, resistance, and internal motivation because you naturally feel the external accountability pulling you forward.

Finally, you’re not going at it alone anymore.

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Celebrate Wins and Discover Opportunities

Analyzing your past 7 days:
Successes. Struggles. What got done. What didn’t.
What you could do better next time.

Together, we’ll celebrate the wins and draw
powerful insights from any obstacles you faced.

Celebrating and Self-Care in An Integral Part in Maintaing Balance... And I like to Party!

When you are CEO, head nurse, mommy, head of janitorial services, and chief crafts coordinator, life can leave you a little weary sometimes. As a business owner YOU are your most valuable resource, so it makes sense to take care of yourself! 

Often when we are the busiest is when we need a break the most. We will also include a day in your calendar just for you. Promise to enjoy your time off. Turn off the computer, and don’t answer the phone. Don’t let guilt, or a list of impending deadlines steal your relaxation and enjoyment for the day. And no matter how big or small, every victory, calls for a celebration.

The End Result Is Simple: Be Intentional With Every Action. Intergrate & Align to Get Results.

Set SMART goals and cross off action items off your list throughout the week. Leave the excuses behind, focus on your objectives, and celebrate your accomplishments.

Feel better about yourself as you move towards your goals.

As your Accountability Coach will help you realize your will and drive in order to walk in your purpose towards your purpose. I will keep you on track, help you toss procrastination out the window, hold you accountable, and share the tools you need be intentional with every action.

“When I first told my family and friends I was thinking of hiring an accountability coach, they thought I was crazy.  I got a lot of ‘Why don’t you just…’ Listen, I tried them all. It just did not work out for me.  I’ve been doing vision boards since 2014 and dreaming of the days those pictures would become a reality. It was finally time to do something different. Procrastination is a mutha!

Working with Linda has been the best investment. She breaks down my action items into easy chunks, offers resources when I need them, and holds me accountable. As I cross things off my list, I feel accomplished and excited about the direction I am headed.”

J. Fequiere, Registered Nurse and Entreprenuer

Join thousands of entrepreneurs and business owners who have invested in an Accountability Coach and doubled their productivity!


There are productivity trainings and seminars that charge you $2000 a seat to attend. You walk away with head full of knowledge, a fancy new planner, but after a few weeks, the excitement fades and you’re back to your old ways.

There are countless apps out that range from somewhat effective to a complete waste of time. That is time you can never get back.

With Elly Virtually, you get a customized plan and your own personal coach — for a low membership starting at $299/month. Cancel Anytime.

Here’s Some of What You Get When You
Collaborate with a Coach form Elly Virtually:

Payments are due a month in advance.
You can cancel any time prior to your bill date.

Frequently Asked Questions

Accountability coaching is a part of it, but not all of it. I will guide you on improving your productivity, which includes accountability and so much more. Productivity includes other key factors like establishing your short term and long term goals, organization, prioritization, deadlines, time management, mindset change and more.

I am ready to helps you intergrate the many aspects of your life, to ensure they align with your passion and purpose and keep you intentional with every action.

No. Elly Virtually offers strategy sessions with our Intentionally Packages. During coaching, we focus on mind set and productivity. Based off your goals, we help you optimize your productivity and action. During our sessions we will breakdown the action items needed to complete each your goals. We will not focus business strategy, tactics, and implementation.

Accountability Coaching is best for those individuals who knows what they need to be doing, but just need help executing on it in the most optimal way. I will help you optimize the most efficient way for you to execute and follow through on what you already know.

No. If the relationship no longer serves either of us, we will just say so.  Elly Virtually Services are month to month. There are no setup fees, cancellation fees, or long term contracts. I just ask for a 2 weeks heads up before your next bill date. 

We spend less time talking about it and more time being about it. Monthly planning meeting are one hour long and weekly meetings are a quick 15 minutes. 

Phones call or Zoom. Whichever you prefer.

Insanity Is Doing the Same Thing Over and Over Again and Expecting Different Results. Are You Ready to Make a Change and Start Moving with Intentionality?