How Tax Professionals Can Thrive With Automation – This Season and Beyond


It’s tax season once again – cue the influx of client documents, questions, consultations, and midnight oil nights, right tax pros? As regulations grow more complex yearly and demand continues rising, the pressure to keep heads above water feels relentless.

While surviving tax season has become routine for veterans in the tax preparation industry, the daily grind is far from glamorous. And when there’s barely time to recharge between seasons, burnout becomes inevitable.

But what if this uphill marathon didn’t have to be the norm in your firm? What if not just surviving tax season, but thriving – profitably and sustainably – was possible instead?

The secret is strategically leveraging automation. Done well, it frees you from repetitive tasks draining precious mental bandwidth. The benefits? More capacity to handle higher complexity needs while boosting efficiency and margins.

Types of Automation Transforming Tax Pros’ Workflows

● Intake Management – Client portals to smoothly collect documentation necessary for efficient preparation

● Data Import – Direct integrations of bank statements, prior returns, payroll etc into tax software

● Appointment Scheduling – Automated services like Calendly to manage call booking

● Billing/Invoicing – Using platforms that generate invoices and collect payments on autopilot

● Reporting – Digitizing manual reporting for accuracy and dynamic access to firm insights

● Email Management – Canned responses + AI that can answer repetitive client questions to free up inbox

By leveraging automation – whether through tailored software, VAs, or managed services – you alleviate the constant churn of small put-out fires. That grants the opportunity to better coach clients on optimal financial decisions. The personal touch at the highest levels while tedious tasks run on autopilot.

Tax Season Success with Hands-On Automation Experts

Fortunately at Elly Virtually, streamlining processes through customizable automation tailored for tax professionals is our specialty! From conducting in-depth operations audits to pinpointing workflow chokepoints to mapping out every automation from top to bottom, our team becomes an extension of your firm to provide structure.

We help you and your staff operate in flow states focused purely on high-value analysis – not catching up on weekend admin backlogs. The benefit? Greater capacity to onboard new individual and business clients without bandwidth caps slowing progress.

Let us help your firm serve more people without sacrificing sanity this 2024 tax season and beyond. The automation possibilities are endless when expert support has your back! Let’s connect to explore roadmaps soon – your best growth years are ahead.