How to Maximize Your Virtual Assistant: Delegate Like a Boss


Virtual assistance is gaining popularity as one of the success determinants for most organizations and businesses. The secret behind this success is knowing how to hire, delegate and maximize your virtual assistants effectively. After hiring VAs, most entrepreneurs assume they should know their way around the business, considering their years of experience and high-level skills. Unfortunately, this is never the case; you should know how to maximize your VAs.

Here are 5 tips on how to maximize your VA delegate like a boss;

1. Encourage creativity
Virtual assistants are always highly skilled and experienced workers in different aspects. Encourage them to come up with and share ideas on how you can improve your business processes and maximize productivity. Ensure you encourage feedback to get their opinions and valuable information that they may have regarding your business operation. You’ll be surprised at the great assets that you have in your organization.

2. Have your task schedule and goals ready
Write down a plan or task schedule the VA should follow, and ensure you indicate the goal for each task. Panning ahead is important because it gives a clear direction on what to follow. You can involve your VA in creating a work schedule to get their real-time opinion and reactions.

3. Set up an effective communication plan
When it comes to employee management, communication is everything. Virtual assistants are exclusively online-based, so you need to set up a way to reach them with timely information. There are very many communication software tools that you can use to ensure an adequate flow of information. Always encourage feedback from the VA to maintain effective communication.

4. Evaluate work progress
Do not just assume that the task will be done within the specific time; it is good to check in and assess your virtual assistant’s work progress and performance. This will allow you to give constructive feedback for quality improvement. But be careful to avoid constantly micro-managing. It is crucial to build trust in your VAs.

5. Make the VA feel welcome and part of the business.
Generally, when employees feel included, their work engagement and productivity improve. The same applies to a VA; when you hire them, treat them as you would a staff member. You can create a good rapport, trust in them, take them through your business culture, and create a conducive and accepting work environment.

6. Respect your virtual assistants
The first step is acknowledging that your VA is human and has lived away from your business. Be respectful of their working hours, pay attention to their opinions and observations, and ensure you pay the agreed amount on time; this way, you create a mutual understanding and a perfect work relationship. You can also take the initiative to train your VAs to improve their work quality. When VAs feel respected and valued, they show motivation by working extra hard to increase productivity.

It is pretty easy to find a good virtual assistant, but how can you maximize their quality of work? Knowing how well to work with a virtual assistant is a boss move every entrepreneur should possess. We hope that this article has shed some light on the best practices for maximizing your virtual assistant just like the boss that you are.


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