5 Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make when Hiring a Virtual Assistant


In the recent technological era, most businesses and organizations have shifted to outsourcing virtual assistants to minimize the cost of hiring and retaining full-time employees. A virtual assistant is usually an independent worker or contractor who performs administrative tasks over the internet. Since virtual assistant work is online-based, organizations save the cost needed for office space and work desks.
Virtual assistance has gained popularity, and entrepreneurs are adopting it every time. as a business owner, you might find yourself in need of virtual assistance at one point in time. You must understand the difference between hiring a virtual assistant and a full-time employee.

Here are five common mistakes most entrepreneurs make when hiring a virtual assistant.

  1. Not vetting the VA well enough.
    You may be in a rush to get help from a VA that you skip the basic steps of thoroughly screening and interviewing them. The screening method is not always easy, mainly because it is online-based, and you don’t get in physical touch with your candidate. In most cases, entrepreneurs pick on the first candidate that shows up to avoid wasting time and going into the screening process. The best tip for you is to conduct a formal and well-defined interview before hiring a VA.
  2. Undefined job description
    The VA must know why or what you need them. So many entrepreneurs assume that the VA is fully aware of their roles and purpose, but that’s not always the case. You might use your VA for single or too many tasks. Most VAs are multi-talented and can handle several functions, but do you have a defined limit? It is recommendable to determine the tasks before hiring a VA.
  3. Skipping the VA training phase
    As much as the VA is skilled in administrative roles, there is still a need to train them on handling tasks concerning your business processes. Most people assume that the VA is proficient enough with years of experience and can perform any function, but that’s not the case. Ensure you have a training program ready before you hire a VA for your business.
  4. Undefined task goals
    Without goals and objectives, there is no defined direction toward success. After hiring your VA and assigning them roles, do you take time to determine the standard of work you expect from them? It is easy to assume that a VA knows the goals to meet without laying them out, but as a good employer, it is good to define your goals and productivity standards to your virtual assistants.
  5. Lack of effective communication
    When working with a VA, one of the most significant disadvantages is the time difference, especially if you come from places of different time zones. This can create a communication gap because real-time conversation with your VA is complicated. The best thing to do is make prior arrangements for your meeting schedules to have real-time chats to ensure that you relay information and decisions in time. Real-time communication is recommendable for fast feedback and mutual engagements.

Hiring a virtual assistant has proven to be one of the best success strategies businesses use to increase productivity while minimizing costs. However, it is good to consider why, who, and how to hire. The hiring process might appear long and daunting, but it is worth it because, in the end, you will get good help. Be sure to create a good rapport and conducive working conditions with your virtual assistants to motivate them and make them feel included, to increase their engagement.

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