Virtual Assistant Vs. Online Business Manager Vs. Operation Manager


How would it feel if you had an extra pair of hands to assist you with your online business?

Ideally, someone who’d handle and see stuff for you and make doing business easier. 

You might have been considering it for a long but feel stuck with the numerous options — like Virtual Assistant (VA), Online Business Manager (OBM), and Operational Manager (OM) — and are unable to decide which job role will fit within your requirements.

Below we are shedding some light on each job role to help you make an informed decision.

Virtual Assistant (VA):

Let’s start with the most commonly used term, Virtual Assistant (VA). 

They handle “admin-like” tasks for you. The only difference is they do administration virtually rather than being there for you in person. 

You can hire VA for you on a monthly or weekly basis. Or, you can hire them only when specific jobs come in.

Here’s a list of job roles a VA can perform for you: 

  • Scheduling your appointments 
  • Handling your social media presence 
  • Writing blogs and social media posts for you.
  • Email Management

Online Business Manager (OBM): 

Do you want to hand over your day-to-day business management stuff to someone else and focus on the things that matter the most to you? Go for an Online Business Manager. 

Here’s what an OBM can do for you: 

  • Team Management: Handling your VAs, assigning them tasks, and tracking the progress of tasks.
  • Manage Projects: New marketing campaigns, workshops, and launching of your new products and services. 
  • Manage Operations: Handling your bills and finances, keeping an eye on your CRM and relevant tools, and managing your social media and website.
  • Analytics Management: Monitoring the success of your project.

Operation Manager (OM):

An Operation Manager handles operations management, a vital role in any management team, and is responsible for high-key HR duties. Another popular name for Operation Managers is Chief Operating Officer (COO). 

Here’s a list of a few responsibilities that an OM handles: 

  • Assist HR with the recruitment process.
  • Make sure that the communication between workers and management is smooth. 
  • Has the ability to strengthen the relationships between employees and managers. Also, they keep the business partners on good terms. 
  • Improves organizational process.
  • Has the capability to address any problems and opportunities.

Most operational managers have a bachelor’s degree in operations management and have experience in operation management and leadership roles.

The Major Differences Between Virtual Assistant Vs. Online Business Manager Vs. Operation Manager

  • VAs only perform the tasks assigned to them.
  • OBMs can do everything that a VA does, but they also manage teams and other tasks.
  • OMs have the skills to navigate the operational challenges you can face in an ever-evolving business. 

Final Words: 

So, this was a quick breakdown of how Virtual Assistants, Online Business Managers, and Operation managers are different. Hopefully, that has cleared the dust for you. 

By the way, have you decided what job role is best for your needs?